A Karmic & the Trauma Bond

Most likely you were first attracted to a karmic because of their trauma. If you too had trauma this is what brought you both together. You felt comfort in their wounds, therefore perhaps feeling a bit more normal in the pain. You both perhaps shared your stories of your trauma which created a bond brought together by pure pain.

A karmic is brought to teach you self-love and self-worth to walk away. They reflect back your old toxic patterns to heal from not to bond from. As one learns self-love, you then find the inner strength & courage to break-free from the trauma. They were meant to expose the patterns for healing not for bonding.

An abuser and abusee form an attachment by fake love, wounded & similar emotions brought on by childhood trauma. Sadly, for some reason this familiar trauma that you both share becomes comforting for you because this is how you grew up. So, if you grew up in a toxic environment and your abuser is always yelling at you or abusing you, you feel this is normal because this is how your grew up. For some this becomes your love language. You begin to make-up excuses (cognitive dissonance). I know this is how they express their love. I know they love me doesn’t matter that they are yelling at me, abusing me or hurting me. It’s okay because they love me. I know I can fix them, I know I can change them. They would never survive without me. (when in reality this has now developed into codependency). The abusee becomes dependent on the abuser. The abuser uses their pain & insecurities against them. So if you told your abuser you struggle with an eating disorder, they will sadly body shame you. The abuser also gets great joy of causing the abusee more pain. They will also reinforce through rewards and punishments. After an abusive fight the abuser will buy you a gift or plan a trip. So unconsciously you know to get that trip, gift or even love you may have to endure some “tough abusive love”. The abuser will constantly also threaten to leave the abuser creating yet another illness of an abandonment wound. The abusee then struggles with PTSD, Abandonment, Codependency, not feeling worthy and a Trauma bond.

So, until we show up for ourselves, we go deep into our wounds allow them to service for healing you CANNOT walk away. Your angels want you to do the daily inner shadow work so you are not always finding attraction and chemistry to those who have the similar childhood wounds. Did you break up with the person? Or did you learn self-love & self-worth to break up with the toxic patterns so as to not attract the same person again. We attract what we are, yes? We will always attract the vibration that we are vibrating. If you were to look back at all your relationships, you may now notice this pattern? Until you heal you will always attract the wounded, attracting people also have unprocessed and unhealed trauma.

Today, may you love yourself enough to heal for you.

Angel blessings and gratitude.

I love you. Sonia

@copyright at iamlifecoaching.com. If you would like to book your own private angel reading the only way to book is via my website. I am also available for weekly spiritual guidance and coaching sessions. If you’re looking for your tribe please join our tribe, Soul Growth Journey Membership a Sacred Space for heart-centered souls of levels to help awaken your soul, provide spiritual growth and create a sacred space.




My Unshakable Faith. My Spiritual Journey. Sonia International Spiritual Medium, Angel Channel & Healer.Intuitive Life Coaching, Ascension & Twinflame Coaching.

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Sonia Illescas

Sonia Illescas

My Unshakable Faith. My Spiritual Journey. Sonia International Spiritual Medium, Angel Channel & Healer.Intuitive Life Coaching, Ascension & Twinflame Coaching.

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