The Best Gift You Can Give Them is Unconditional Love!

Twinflame Energy Update


Divine Feminine,

The greatest gift you can teach and give your beloved divine masculine is pure unconditional love. But first learn to love yourself to not take their journey personal. You are both on the journey of self-love and enlightenment.

The divine masculine comes in to the relationship already with a trauma bond, an abandonment bond, codependency, unhealed addictions, unprocessed childhood trauma, a fear of rejection and a fear of not being worthy. They are also now struggling to close out toxic karmic cycles. This then causes your masculine to sabotage not only your relationships but actually all relationships where a foundation of love is required.

They are sitting in the old paradigm believe because they were in a very traumatic trauma bond that you are going to hurt them all over again. So therefore it becomes extremely, extremely painful to one accept your love and two, worse off express their love by telling you and showing you that they have true feelings for you.

Today your angels are asking you to hold space from a far. Let go of control & expectations. You are not here to fix them. You’re not here to change them. As they keep rejecting you, this journey and your love you need to allow them the space to heal.

At this point All you can do is hold space by letting go of Unforgiveness, betrayal, abandonment, rejection and aloneness. This was all needed for both of you as per you own personal soul contract to grow. Your Divine Plan. You are guided to take the soul lesson and leave behind the pain and trauma. Allow them to surface for healing, not for imprisonment.

When the time is right I, the Lord will make it happen.

My will be done.

My divine time.

Not your human time.

They are not ready.

Therefore, it is not time.

You are now guided to take all that energy you’ve placed on them and Put the focus on healing your journey.

Do not focus on them.

This is the time to continue to heal you.

Focus on strengthening your relationship with God for validation.

And not from outside of you.

Angel Blessings and gratitude,

I love you, Sonia

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My Unshakable Faith. My Spiritual Journey. Sonia International Spiritual Medium, Angel Channel & Healer.Intuitive Life Coaching, Ascension & Twinflame Coaching.

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Sonia Illescas

Sonia Illescas

My Unshakable Faith. My Spiritual Journey. Sonia International Spiritual Medium, Angel Channel & Healer.Intuitive Life Coaching, Ascension & Twinflame Coaching.

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